A bit more about Dough Works

Develop the skills and confidence to make your own delicious real bread at a Dough Works bread making workshop.

Our workshops are held at our base in North Shields and your bread is baked in either our wonderful wood fired oven or a standard domestic oven.

Dough Works offer a variety of hands on bread making workshops in North East England. Working alongside our artisan baker Ann you will learn the skills of mixing, kneading, shaping, proving and baking. We keep our workshops small and personal to ensure participants have a great baking experience. If you are interested in one of our workshops have a look at our Workshops page.

A lifetime knowledge of baking

Ann has been baking for many years and her earliest childhood memories are of the aroma of freshly baked bread made by her mother. Baking is a joy to Ann and she loves passing on the skills needed to produce delicious real bread to others. Our workshops develop participants confidence to bake to enable them to produce delicious baked products to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Dough Works also produce award winning breads for sale to local customers. We have been awarded a gold star from The guild of Fine Foods for our sourdough with seeds in 2011. We have also received a gold award from the EAT!NewcastleGateshead festival in 2011 for our Panettone. You can also order our bread direct from Dough Works.

Everything we made was delicious - my wife still can't believe I made it all! Would love to do a patisserie workshop, thanks again!
Ron, Newcastle upon Tyne